all films only viewable on 16mm film

hi there! 

all of my shorts were shot on 16mm film and are not available on the internet and have not been transferred digitally (despite four films i have online). all films have only been viewed at screenings. i encourage you to leave your homes, come to a screening and experience my films where they live best, on a live 16mm film projector. :)

~16mm films in orlick's current archive~
all directed and shot by julie orlick with a 16mm h-16 bolex film camera, edited on a flatbed steenbeck.

cake-o-philia (2.5 min, 18fps, bw, silent, 2014)
siréne femme (1.5 min, 24fps, color, sound, 2015)
paris (3min, 24fps, bw, sound, 2015)
spring time in brooklyn (3min, 24fps, color, sound, 2015)
cemetery (3min, 18fps, bw, sound, 2015)
the two hands and the mirror (2min, 24fps, super8mm, bw/color, 2016)
portrait of a lady (3min, 24fps, bw/color, sound, 2016
une petite boulanger (1min, 24fps, color, 2016)
flora en juno (4.5 min, 24fps, color, sound, 2016)
miss bettie (4min, 24fps, bw, sound, 2016)
silent lovers (10min, 24fps, color, sound, 2017)

pierrot and her balloon (1.5 min, 24fps, bw, silent, 2017) 
An O Ladies Production

very bauhaus (24fps, color/bw, 2017) *triple projection, work in progress*

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