This summers screenings' are a retrospective of Orlick's entire collection of avant-garde short 16mm films from 2014-2017 (11 shorts), with the premiere of her newest film, "Silent Lovers", color 16mm, running time 10min, starring Elisabeth O'Driscoll, Nathan Graves, Alex Tatarsky and Lily Chambers. Musical score by Nathan Graves. Assistant Director Fernando Velez.

"As if trapped in a warbly snow globe at the bottom of an ocean (probably not far off Coney Island), we peer into a crystalized void where ageless and speechless souls of elegant despair longingly linger. Obedient to the sovereign ruler of his silent universe, a hopeless mime plays lap dog to a covetous queen in their silky echo chamber of imprisonment. As revelations befall upon the crestfallen clown, he realizes his dis-enthrallment through a shattering escape with the hand of a pirouetting harlequin, while Her Majesty’s empire and identity spiral into vibrant agony. Caught in a fantasy of abstract and eternal heartache, their faces are forever enslaved to express, or mask, what they cannot say."
-Otis Mahach

Monday, September 18th, 2017
8:00 - 9:30pm

Bushwick Community Darkroom
110 Troutman St Brooklyn, NY 11206

A complete Retrospective of Orlick's work including her newest release " Silent Lovers" and even newer release, shot in June of 2017, "Very Bauhaus", starring Brittany Markert, John Zharsky & more to come. As it is a current work-in-progress, she will be showing a rough cut of this short! 

With Q&A to follow :)

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