all films only viewable on 16mm

~16mm films in orlick's viewable archive~
all directed and shot by julie orlick with a 16mm h-16 bolex film camera, edited on a flatbed steenbeck.

cake-o-philia 2.5 min, 18fps, bw, silent, 2014 (on website)
paris 3min, 24fps, bw, sound, 2015
spring time in brooklyn 3min, 24fps, color, sound, 2015
portrait of a lady 3min, 24fps, bw/color, sound, 2016
une petite boulanger 1min, 24fps, color, 2016 (on website)
flora en juno 4.5 min, 24fps, color, sound, 2016
silent lovers 10min, 24fps, color, sound, 2017
very bauhaus 24fps, color/bw, 2017. presented as a triple projection for expanded cinema performance. DP's Hunter Herrick & Julie Orlick


Trauer Natur
Orlick's first film during her time in Berlin, Germany starring Zoe Haddad. Highlighting abstractions of city & nature, feeling confined within ones self. First attempt in-camera Bolex tricks, b/w and color film.

Das ist Kunst
Starring Bridge Markland, to-be part of Le Pusta's Kabarett De Namenlosen.

Very Bauhaus - THE FILM

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