...is it a film or a play?

Very Bauhaus is an Expanded Cinema Theatrical Dance piece, inspired by The Triadic Ballet by Oskar Schlemmer of the School of Bauhaus. Very Bauhaus experiments with 16mm film intertwined with dance, abstract costumes & mimes. That of which a mime can only express through their face, a shape can only express through movement. The idea is to express emotion into it’s purest forms, without dialogue. The Expanded Cinema element of this performance is a first-time attempt at a triple-projection shot on a Bolex, edited on a Steenbeck and projected on 16mm film. Event photography by Alyss Black.

Directed by Julie Orlick
Assistant Directors/Producers Lily Chambers, Nathan Graves, Fernando Velez
Choreography by Rebecca Demi
Stage Manager Justin Hsu
Special thanks to Mono No Aware Film and The Glove
Shape Costumes made/designed by Iggy Solliven
Mime Costume worn by Julie made/desgined by Jender Anomie

This piece was presented on 3 occasions in Brooklyn, NYC. We are eager and open for performing this piece again. Must be PAID ONLY for putting together production costs.

Performance dates were:
Trans Pecos, Dec. 8th
The Dreamhouse Dec. 9th
The Exponential Festival at The Glove Jan. 4th

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