Julie Orlick (b. 1990; Los Angeles, California) is an experimental filmmaker, analog photographer, poet & artist. She has written, produced, and edited over 13 short experimental films in 16mm. Orlick’s visual landscape is evocative of the nascent stages of the artform in tandem with cult-cinema of mid-century American experimental filmmaking. Using a Bolex h16 Rex-5, her style employs in-camera tricks, multiple exposures, slow and fast motion, and superimpositions to cumulatively effect a pastiche of 20th century pop-culture, an epoch intimately bound to and defined by film. Orlick is an instructor at Mono No Aware Film & has presented films in underground venues and mini theaters throughout the country as well as internationally in Mexico City and Berlin. She and her work have been featured in The New York Times, The Guardian, Vice, and Bedford and Bowery, and a double-exposed still from her short film 'Traur Natur' titled ‘ZuZu und Wienglas’ was showcased in Joel Schlemowitz' book Experimental Filmmaking and the Motion Picture Camera. Class of 2026, UCLA Fine Arts.

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