julie orlick (b. 1990; los angeles, california) is an american film maker, photographer, director, poet & artist based in brooklyn, new york. her films reflect upon the absurdity and contingency of existence & maintain a timeless feel through adhering to analogue techniques. the quirks and mishaps that happen while using film adds to the visual outcome of her craft that can truly be considered unique. common themes in her work (2014-2017) expand on diverting gender norms, women who resemble 1920's movie stars, flowers, cakes, mimes & love. her most recent work from her artists' residency in berlin, germany focuses on in-camera bolex tricks and the progression of time though abstraktion of the human mind, body and soul. 

all of her films are shot on a bolex h16 REX5 & edited on a flatbed steenbeck. julie continues to keep the spectacle alive of only screening her work on FILM. many of her films can NOT be found online. 

much of her work is made possible with the facilities, equipment & support provided by mono no aware film.



"Filmed in a dingy Brooklyn basement, as well as one of our own beloved d.i.y. venues, Julie Orlick and her team of unsung romantic weirdos bring to Spectacle her latest and most enterprising short film, Silent Lovers, within a retrospective of Orlick’s works all shot in New York, and on glorious and grainy 16mm. An encounter with her films feels something like slipping out to the speakeasy and tending to a surreal bender with Kenneth Anger. Come indulge in a lavish feast of cake and cruelty, mermaids washed ashore, lecherous gazes, ladies lost in double exposure, murder and sugar cubes, and endless flowers all hot off the reel."
-Otis Mahach of Spectacle Theater & Molasses Books

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