select films available to watch on vimeo

short experimental 16mm films in orlick's archive
all films shot by julie orlick with a 16mm h-16 bolex film camera, edited on a flatbed steenbeck.

*available for screening upon request*

cake-o-philia 2.5 min, 18fps, bw, silent, 2014 
paris 3min, 24fps, bw, sound, 2015
spring time in brooklyn 3min, 24fps, color, sound, 2015
sirene femme 1min 30sec, 24fps, color, sound, 2015
portrait of a lady 3min, 24fps, bw/color, sound, 2016
une petite boulanger 1min, 24fps, color, 2016 
flora en juno 4.5 min, 24fps, color, sound, 2016
silent lovers 10min, 24fps, color, sound, 2017
very bauhaus 24fps, color/bw, 2017. 
presented as a triple projection for expanded cinema performance. 
DAS IST KUNST 2min, 18fps, b/w, silent, 2018
PUSTRA 2min, 24fps, b/w, silent, 2018
"my masterpiece" 4min, 24fps, b/w, sound, 2018
Trauer Natur 3min, 24fps, b/w, silent, 2018
The Woman and The Ghost 1min, 24fps, color, 2018
stop motion animation collab w/ Charlyne Yi
End of March 2020 10min, 24fps, VHS, 2020

An Actor Prepares work in progress, color 16mm/35mm, 2022
DÉSIR work in progress, 16mm, 2023 - 2024

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