Watch in complete darkness, full screen. Suggested soundtrack: Sergei Prokofiev - Romeo And Juliet, Opt. 64 / Act 1: Dance Of The Nights, otherwise it is intended to watch silent.

(16mm, silent, b&w, 2min)
Berlin, Germany 2018
Starring Bridge Markland of Le Pustra's Kabarett

Directed, shot & edited by Julie O.

Digital transfer by Metropolis Post
Shot on a Bolex H16 Rex 5 with all in-camera tricks & double exposures, edited on a flatbed Steenbeck at Mono No Aware. Character realized by Bridge Markland. 
Short film used in Le Pustra's Kabarett de Namenlossen in December 2018 performance at Theater Im Delphi.

*history of film*
I was living in Berlin, Germany during the Winter of 2018 (January to April) shortly after Very Bauhaus was completed,"Is it a film...or a play? An expanded cinema theatrical dance performance. I left New York and moved to Berlin in hopes to collaborate with different artists, grow as a filmmaker and originally begin living in Europe (that's a whole 'nother story). Anyways, during this time I was fortunate enough to meet the legendary artist Le Pustra and work with both him and Bridge in collaboration for Le Pustra's Kabarett. Meeting Bridge and filming her in this short work was one of the most incredible experiences I've ever had filming a performer in my entire life. Nothing has topped it yet and I doubt ever will. This short film is one of my greatest accomplishments in my film archive yet. It was shot the second time we ever met, with just a few email exchanges, days before I was due to fly back to NYC. I didn't have much written down or planned for this film, other than the double head and prism eye. Everything else was on the fly, filmed in the moment, within a 3-4 hour time frame.

This short work captures the pure essence of what I want to create. Complete abstrakt nonsensical experimental 16mm magic.

16mm film print available for distribution.

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